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The one baby item I WISH I would of had

The one baby item I WISH I would of had

BabyMonitor Smartbeat Sleep

When our parents give us a little poke about how unsafe something is for our kids, sometimes we like to tease them back with a reminder that they brought us home from the hospital in the front seat of their car, sans baby seat, in our mother’s arms. While we do this in good fun, it also goes to show just how much times have changed. Of course, it seems like it was yesterday, but in reality, the way children are raised now, even in comparison to ten years ago, has changed dramatically. Even though my kiddos are out of the baby stage, I get chances to see all the cool gadgets and “why didn’t I think of that’s” when friends bring home new bundles of joy.


A good friend of mine, a few years back told me about a trip she took with her husband and two little kids. She raved about sitting by the pool and having a glass of wine uninterrupted alongside her groom, while her boys napped. She had somehow set up their iPhones to record the kids and transmit to the other phone while there. I couldn’t believe the brilliance of it! My youngest is four and a half, and I still remember shopping for a monitor for her and spending a boat load of cash. We didn’t bring it anywhere and I promise that thing was thrown across the room more than once out of pure frustration. Those expensive pieces of equipment left much to be desired. Not to mention, there are loads of parents out there like me, who are using their monitors for more than just knowing when the baby is awake. 


Baby Sleep CoSleep Monitor

I recently heard about the Smartbeat Monitor, and man, I do wonder what those sleepless nights would have been like had that technology been available to me. Smartbeat video actually uses the image of your child to monitor the slightest movements, focusing on the rhythm of the breathing. Based on the baby’s activity, you will get real time notifications of them falling asleep, waking up or God forbid, a breathing emergency. The video streams to multiple devices, you can talk through it to your little and it has its own network, so it will work- even if your Wi-Fi fails. Plus, very important to mention- NO cords on your child!


All the basics of a monitor are covered, yet you get this humongous safety net too. The video in itself is amazing; I of course am flooded with memories of grainy, over saturated blobs – but this is truly in a class all its own. It identifies 16 million shades of color. 16 million!!! It’s an actual (secure) HD feed of your child. The technology is so sensitive to the breathing patterns of your child, it may even give you a clue to an oncoming cold- whoa!


My oldest child had issues detected in womb and my youngest had issues discovered after she was born. Both girls slept right next to my bed, in a small pack and play for months. I would often keep my hand on their belly, ensuring I could feel the rise and fall of their breathing. I couldn’t hear their breathing through the monitor, (nor really could I feel it when I was asleep, but I digress) so having them close to me gave me a small bit of confidence that if something were to go wrong, I could quickly recognize and react. When I saw a demonstration of the Smartbeat, I was astonished at the analyzing period where it watches the inhales and exhales of the subject and shows the pattern on a breathing chart. Not only that, it will follow/track the subject as they move- which makes sense, because those babies, they grow! I feel like this is such a great way to monitor and review patterns in your child’s sleep and could be used in so many ways, but truly, the peace of mind portion would have been enough!


Raising a child is hard, and I often jokingly use the phrase “I’m just trying to keep them alive”. There is an element of truth in that. I would have preferred to not have SIDS or breathing issues in the back of my mind at all times, as I am sure I would have slept much better without those thoughts stirring. While those thoughts are dark, the reality is that SIDS is one of the leading causes of death in infants. My youngest had extreme acid reflux that left her more susceptible to pneumonia and upper respiratory infections. There were MANY sleepless nights on my end, just watching her breathe while she slept. What I would have given for the extra help of the Smartbeat technology during those times!


Smartbeat Baby Monitor

I know parents now have extra worries that I didn’t have. That being said, a product like Smartbeat is a game changer. This is a product I will definitely be talking about to my friends and relatives when I hear a new baby will be joining their family. The advances it’s already made and the aptitude for all it can do, makes this a unique and important addition for any expectant family. Take it from the mama who is “just trying to keep her kiddos alive”- this would have made a difference for us. 

You can find out more about the Smartbeat Baby Monitor and order direct by visiting


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